Puppet Fundamentals

Getting Started with Puppet is a three-day course with a guided, hands-on approach. It is designed for users who are new to managing their infrastructure using Puppet’s products. Lab-focused and prescriptive, the course will give you the tools and resources to automate your infrastructure and get up and running faster than ever. Summary The “Puppet getting started with” course provides a guided, hands-on approach for new users. It learns them to manage their infrastructure using the power of Puppet’s products.

Puppet Practitioner

During this 4 day course students will learn how they should manage their Puppet infrastructure the right way. Students will learn multiple ways to accomplish tasks in Puppet. You will learn to choose which is most appropriate for a given situation. You will design and build modules, and extend modules from the Forge. Students will also learn best practices for implementing Roles & Profiles in their infrastructure. NOTE: THIS IS AN ADVANCED LEVEL COURSE.